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What is "dental insurance"?

When people refer to dental insurance, they are usually referring to the dental portion that comes with their medical plan.  Unfortunately, this in not an insurance plan like the medical portion.  Dental is usually set up as a discount plan.  This means that you are given a discount on the most common procedures performed in the office.  There is a copay involved, which is the big difference.  The copay varies depending on the plan and the procedure performed.  Some have a zero copay while others can be a couple hundred or more.  A DHMO (dental HMO) plan follows a fee schedule that tells the office what to charge the patient for each procedure performed.  A DPO (dental PPO) involves the patient paying a set percentage of the procedure cost, with the company picking up the difference.  Be wary, though, a DPO plan will only pay so much money per year, and when the benefits are up, you are left having to pay for the entire bill.

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